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Our Commitment to Diversity

Dexter Southfield is committed to creating an inclusive community where all members are valued and respected for their individual differences and unique talents. We welcome and celebrate diversity of all kinds — race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, socio-economic status, physical ability, among others. This range of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences promotes a robust learning experience with appropriate challenges and opportunities for students to prepare to be leaders in the world beyond Dexter Southfield.  

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion reflects the School’s values and, as such, requires dedication, diligence, and vigilance from all members of the community. This worthwhile work is challenging as it demands of us both dynamic action and patient reflection. In so doing, we continually strive to foster a school culture that realizes an essential truth: by embracing the diversity among us, we become a stronger, more unified school community.

Diversity Programs: 
Age-appropriate diversity education happens throughout all divisions and areas of school life.  Click the expansion blocks below to read more.

Lower School

In Pre-Kindergarten through Class 5, students experience a variety of activities related to diversity and inclusion. Compassion and respect for everyone are stressed as essential to a community. Throughout the day, teachers create moments to reinforce caring for, listening to, and supporting others. Also, students regularly explore cultures from around the world through picture books, chapter books, and trade books by diverse authors and illustrators; through social studies topics; and through international units in music and art. Public speaking topics often include material from many different societies. In art, students use techniques and media from a variety of places and cultures. Our weekly Assembly and our Health and Wellness program often reinforce respect for others. Throughout the year, students have opportunities to give to those who are less fortunate, and they are attentive to others’ needs. The curriculum is continuously reviewed and revised, and teachers strive to include activities that are sensitive to individual experiences and backgrounds. In this way a culture is created wherein students are inherently empathetic and eager to help and include others.

Middle School

In every aspect of the middle school community experience, the essential ideas of diversity and inclusion are nurtured, embraced, and celebrated. Indeed, Dexter Southfield knows well that the healthy development of young adolescent children calls for an age-appropriate engagement in, and an empathetic understanding of, the many and varied differences in our community. Through the advisory system, the health and wellness program, the academic curriculum, and various events, including Diversity Day and student-centered diversity conferences, our middle schoolers develop not only the literacy of diversity and inclusion, but more importantly, the foundational values and virtues upon which these ideas are built. In so doing, we further realize our mission of helping students learn to “lead with confidence and serve with compassion.” 

Upper School

A carefully considered academic curriculum provides opportunities to engage in discussion and reflection about a wide range of perspectives and experiences across all disciplines. Through advisory groups, student diversity clubs, weekly assemblies, and special events, such as our annual Diversity Day and Community Service Day, students and faculty have opportunities to delve even deeper into important topics related to diversity and inclusion. Students and faculty also participate in conferences and workshops, including the annual NAIS People of Color Conference and Student Diversity Leadership Conference.


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