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Field Trips 

The Clay Center extends opportunities for educational tours and demonstrations to non-profit institutions such as schools, Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups, astronomy and science clubs, and teacher training workshops. The Center will try to accommodate most groups, depending on size, age of students, scheduling, available staff, and weather. The fee covers staffing and educational materials based on the size and type of group. Groups interested in scheduling a visit should call the Main Office at 617-522-5544 for availability, options, and fees. 

Community and Adult Education 

The Clay Center has partnered with Brookline Adult and Community Education (BA&CE) to offer classes in Astronomy, Music Technology, and Amateur Radio. Register at


Support for your STEM Fair

You may invite the Clay Center to provide a demonstration table, exhibit, or guest speaker for your school's STEM Fair or scout group meetings.


Sample Outreach Visit & Field Trip Activities

3-D Space Photos 

Display of current space research and planetary photos viewed with 3-D glasses.

Amateur (HAM) Radio 

Licensed amateur radio operators demonstrate the hobby and let students talk on the radio. Exhibit includes an oscilloscope and microphone to illustrate sound as it is changed to electrical signals.

Digital Planetarium

Our astronomer can take your students on a journey through the stars, or you can request one of our full surround-sound video shows. The planetarium requires room to inflate to its full 6-meter diameter. With an upright walk-in entrance for easy access, the dome allows up to 30 students to sit on the floor inside.

Inside Telescope

An inside set-up of a computer controlled tracking scope to demonstrate the tools of the astronomer. Students can operate the scope and learn about star map software.

Outside Telescope 

An outside set-up of a computer controlled tracking scope to demonstrate the tools of the astronomer (weather permitting). Students can safely observe the sun during the day with special filters. Evening observing is tailored to current sky conditions.


Breaks light into color bars that show chemical composition of the glowing object. Used with heium and neon bulbs in a darkened area.


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