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The academic program at Dexter Southfield emphasizes continual growth by active inquiry, critical thinking, and making connections. Students explore, create, and collaborate while they gain essential skills for the 21st century. With a strong base of subjects – English, math, science, social studies, Latin, modern languages, and arts – students grow into independent learners who draw on perspectives from around the world. In addition, through ongoing practice in public speaking, they gain the ability to take what they believe and lead with confidence. By processing information, communicating effectively, and innovating, they eagerly meet new challenges and find solutions that work. As a result, students at Dexter Southfield enjoy both the process of continuous learning and the achievements of their own creativity.

Throughout the school, there is a steady progression of skills and content that develops versatility and depth. Students experiment and play while they understand new information and recognize patterns. They apply new expertise, master logical organization, and uncover the answers to “why?” As they move through Dexter Southfield, they analyze material, consider different points of view, ask their own new questions, and evaluate what they find. Continually, they inquire, explore, draw conclusions, and keep inventing.

“Dexter Southfield students select an individualized course of study to fit a wide range of needs and interests. A rigorous curriculum coupled with the support of caring and involved teachers give students a foundation in both content and skills for a lifelong love of learning."
                                 —Todd Fawcett, Head of Middle School


Dexter Southfield students select an individualized course of study
to fit a wide range of needs and interests.


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