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Educating Boys and Girls

Single-Sex Education In An Integrated Setting

At Dexter Southfield boys and girls enjoy the best of both worlds. In the lower and middle schools, they thrive in single-sex classes, which play to their particular strengths and learning styles while reducing distractions and stereotypes. In the upper school, students progress to co-ed classes in Class 11 and 12. In every grade, the academic and co-curricular expectations are just as strong for both boys and girls, even as they take different journeys to reach their goals, with learning experiences tailored to the needs of each group.

Leadership Roles

Students develop a sense of leadership early in their time at Dexter Southfield by seeing the value of stepping forward for good reasons, large and small. In addition to knowing the right thing to do, Dexter Southfield students learn to use judgment and take initiative. Leadership development is tailored for boys and girls, and in the middle and upper schools, the two groups of class officers meet both separately and together.

One Shared Campus

Boys and girls have equal access to our beautiful 36-acre campus, located on the Brookline-Boston line. Students in all divisions take advantage of campus resources, including the Clay Center for Science and Technology a state-of-the-art astronomical observatory and learning center; multiple athletic facilities; dining areas; and the Playscape, designed to promote imaginative and creative play, to help connect students to nature, and to integrate play with the science curriculum. 

Students naturally collaborate in performing arts productions, community service, orientations and trips, and social events.

Coordinate Programs

In their public speaking and leadership training, boys and girls perform in and take charge of separate assemblies; they also have ethics and health separately; and they have separate graduations, each with its own valedictorian and set of awards.  

Upper School Experience

In the upper school, students share study halls, lounges, and dining halls. In this environment, students eagerly try new things, take risks, and stretch themselves in all areas of academics, athletics, the arts, and community. As a result, they build a strong foundation of confidence, versatility, and admirable goals.

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