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Class 2

Students experience a traditional self-contained classroom, and most classes occur in the homeroom. By the end of 2nd grade, students have developed a solid foundation of basic language arts and math skills, possess a good sense of themselves, and are ready to approach more intricate and higher level cognitive experiences. In addition to the “specials” listed below, students have sports every day and attend weekly assembly where a teacher or an upper school student gives a short talk on character.


Language Arts

The curriculum immerses students in reading and writing which refine and solidify acquired competencies, promoting growth of more complex skills. While reading longer and more sophisticated texts from myriad genres, children learn advanced phonics and word attack skills and refine their comprehension abilities. Incorporating increasingly complex sentences, children develop the ability to include a strong beginning, middle, and end in their writing. They also extend their knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. Students review correct handwriting and eagerly learn cursive writing.


The curriculum promotes fluency and understanding concepts of mathematics. The students master basic skills, explore logical reasoning, think abstractly, improve their problem-solving skills, and relate applications and concepts to everyday life. Explicit instruction in fundamental mathematical concepts and hands-on experiences using various manipulative materials are provided in the areas of numbers and operations, geometry and spatial sense, fractions, measurement, time, money, and data analysis. 

Social Studies

The curriculum builds on what students have learned in Class 1. Their units of study include the continents, map skills, landforms, holidays, Native Americans, communities, and Boston. 


In this course, entitled “Science in Your Backyard or Park,” students study New England trees, animals, and birds, and learn to be careful observers and recorders. All lower school classes have an astronomy unit, and Class 2 focuses on the Earth, the sun, the moon, and their relationships. 

Public Speaking

Public speaking is an integral part of the curriculum at all grade levels. Students have numerous opportunities to speak in front of their class, and annually each class presents a formal program for a larger audience. 


Students have a weekly computer class in the “Mouse House,” the lower school computer lab, where they work on activities that support their math and language arts curricula, develop their keyboarding skills, and improve their knowledge of Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel. 


Fine arts – Students are introduced to a variety of materials and techniques. Class activities often focus on process, not just the final product. Performing Arts–Students explore the basic musical elements of melody, rhythm, harmony, tempo, dynamics, instrumentation, form and history through a variety of activities. They participate in singing, moving, playing instruments, listening, reading, and composing. Shop– In woodworking students cut out simple shapes with coping saws and learn the sequence of sawing, hammering, filing, and sanding as they complete several projects.


The primary school coordinator teaches lessons throughout the year that focus on a theme relating to friendship, conflict resolution, or a character trait. A book is read aloud, with frequent pauses so that age- appropriate open-ended discussions can occur. Homeroom teachers follow up daily with the students on these themes and topics about being a thoughtful citizen.


Spanish will be taught to all lower school students, beginning in Pre-K. The program’s scope and sequence will build strong foundational skills and spark passion for learning about other cultures, countries, and people. The program will also enhance students’ fundamental cognitive and communication skills, and their versatility.


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