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Class 4

Class 4 students experience a traditional, self-contained classroom where the curriculum focuses on building a firm foundation of skills and study habits. The homeroom teacher uses a cross-curricular approach to implement and reinforce lessons. Technology is integrated into the curriculum to support learning objectives. As a member of one of two school intramural teams, each student has sports every day. In addition, fourth graders attend weekly assembly where a teacher or an upper school student gives a short talk on character.


Language Arts

The language arts curriculum focuses on reading, writing, and grammar. New vocabulary words are introduced on a regular basis. Grammar topics expand beyond the identification of the eight parts of speech as students learn the rules of capitalization, punctuation, and correct pronoun usage. In the writing program, students plan, draft, revise, and edit their work. Students also learn spelling rules and have weekly spelling quizzes. They engage in reading from a variety of genres with discussion geared toward comprehension of the material. 


The mathematics curriculum supports the development of students’ critical thinking. It focuses on basic computational skills, problem solving, number sense, and an awareness of mathematics in everyday life. Students work with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. Place value, rounding, graphing, measurement, and geometry are also topics of study. 

Social Studies

The social studies program focuses on geography and the study of Ancient Egypt. Students learn map skills while studying world geography and the U.S. states and capitals. Hands-on projects and research advance students' understanding of Egyptian culture, architecture, and history.


Through hands-on labs and activities, students learn to observe the world around them, understand connections between living things, and how to work effectively as a team. This general science course focuses on how energy moves through ecosystems, Earth’s biomes, chemistry, and human senses. Several weeks are spent researching online and writing presentations on current issues facing bears and their habitats. Students meet twice a week for labs and lectures.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is an integral part of the curriculum at all grade levels of the School. Students have numerous opportunities to speak in front of their class, and annually each class presents a formal program for a larger audience. 


Fine arts – Students have art class once a week all year. They learn to appreciate art and feel comfortable creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork using a variety of materials. Performing Arts – In their weekly music classes students explore basic musical elements, and they learn to play the recorder. All students in Class 4 are members of the School’s choir, and they have theater arts classes regularly. Shop – Students cut out simple shapes with coping saws and learn the sequence of sawing, hammering, filing, and sanding.


Students in Class 4 have health classes that focus on age-appropriate topics. Homeroom teachers work daily with the students on these and other topics relating to the students’ health, well-being, and citizenship.


Spanish will be taught to all lower school students, beginning in Pre-K. The program’s scope and sequence will build strong foundational skills and spark passion for learning about other cultures, countries, and people. The program will also enhance students’ fundamental cognitive and communication skills, and their versatility.


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