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The full-day Kindergarten program incorporates the development of readiness skills in specific theme-based activities as well as concept-based lessons. These teacher-directed and independent activities integrate language arts, math, Spanish, and fine motor skills. 

Students visit a variety of venues in their own building and throughout the campus for their music, shop, computer, science, and art lessons. Taught by specialists, these classes generally relate to a topic being studied. Students also enjoy weekly swimming and sports classes and use a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, including the Playscape, for free play. 

Social development includes problem solving, self-help, manners, sharing, friendship, kindness, teamwork, independence, responsibility, and oral communication.​​

Language and Reading Readiness

The Kindergarten program is designed to teach basic readiness skills necessary for future proficiency in reading and writing. Through a variety of teacher-directed and independent activities, phonological awareness, letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence, and vocabulary are taught. Activities encourage self-expression, critical thinking, reading comprehension, and effective work habits as students develop literacy skills. 


The mathematics curriculum in Kindergarten focuses on developing in the children a strong number sense and an awareness of mathematics in everyday life. Explicit instruction in fundamental mathematical concepts and hands-on experiences using various manipulative materials are provided in the areas of attributes, geometric shapes, graphing, measurement, time, money, and addition and subtraction. 

Themes in Social Studies/Science/Art

During the year students are exposed to a variety of theme-based topics, some of which focus on holidays, topics of seasonal interest, and butterflies. Like all lower school classes, students in Kindergarten have an astronomy unit, which focuses on stars, light, and the color spectrum. 

Public Speaking

Public speaking is an integral part of the curriculum at every grade level of the School. In addition to speaking in front of their own class often and presenting a puppet show for their parents and other young classes, students annually present a formal program for a larger audience.


Spanish will be taught to all lower school students, beginning in Pre-K. The program’s scope and sequence will build strong foundational skills and spark passion for learning about other cultures, countries, and people. The program will also enhance students’ fundamental cognitive and communication skills, and their versatility.


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