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Classical Languages

Through the study of Latin and Greek, students are exposed to numerous aspects of Western Civilization including the language, literature, culture, and mythology of the Romans and the Greeks. In the beginning courses, much emphasis is placed upon forms, vocabulary, and the development of strong translation skills. In the advanced courses, students explore Roman and Greek political views and Roman and Greek history as well as the literary and rhetorical devices used by ancient authors. 

Students are quizzed weekly on vocabulary and grammatical forms. Unit assessments require students to give grammatical forms, translate sentences, and complete short answer questions. As students progress through the curriculum, they analyze the ancient literature in written essays and oral presentations. In the upper levels, students complete various assignments, including PowerPoint presentations, research papers, and/or independent projects with teacher permission. 

While Latin is open for study to students in Classes 9 through 12, Greek I and Greek II are offered only to students in Classes 11 and 12. In addition, the study of Greek requires a two-year commitment.‚Äč


Advanced Placement is offered to qualified students. Only those students who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the classical languages will be allowed to participate in the AP program. In order to qualify for the AP course, a student must have earned a year-end grade of A- or higher and must have permission of the Head of the Classics Department.


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