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Upper School: Classes 9 - 12

Students in the upper school at Dexter Southfield enjoy challenging themselves in the pursuit of academic excellence. They are supported and receive guidance from a deeply committed faculty. Here we have a community that feels like a family, where members look after each other, expectations are high, individual needs are addressed, and the student body and faculty share a mindset of continual growth. The program provides students with a strong base of knowledge and skills for college and beyond, allowing them the flexibility to pursue their main interests as far as they want to go, and encouraging collaboration. Classes gradually transition from single-sex in Class 9 to all co-ed by Class 12. In keeping with our motto, “Our Best Today, Better Tomorrow,” Dexter Southfield upper school students strive to make the most of each day with regard to both academic achievement and community-mindedness.



Regular, Honors, and Advanced Placement sections are offered in all major disciplines; course selections are based upon prior performance, standardized testing, placement tests, and faculty approval.



A student must earn an A- or better in a regular course in order to move to an Honors or AP course in that subject in a following year; from an Honors or AP course to another Honors or AP course, a student must earn a B. Students enrolled in AP courses are required to take the courses for the full year and to take the AP exams. These exams carry an additional fee.

Weekly Schedule

The schedule rotates courses over a five-day week. During the academic day, each student should expect five or six classes and one free period for study or activities.

Advisor System

Each student has an advisor. Advisor/Advisee meetings occur at least once each week. Advisors communicate often with parents through written comments and phone conversations. At the end of each marking period, advisors meet with advisees to discuss teacher comments, levels of performance, and methods of assistance if needed.

Independent Study

Any student who wishes to design a course or special project not specifically described in the School’s curriculum may apply to the Head of the Upper School for permission to create a semester-length program. To apply for independent study, a student must be on track to complete all core academic requirements; must have demonstrated academic achievement, motivation, and self-discipline; and must design a program so that the time commitment is equivalent to the time spent in any other major course. These programs will be graded. Proposals must be submitted at least one full semester in advance.

Courses are offered with regard to demand, schedules, and space.


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