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Classes 3-5 Intramural Sports

In Classes 3-5, each student has an opportunity to develop his or her own athletic skills in an intramural system. Building upon the individual skill development of the Physical Education program, students are introduced to team sports and compete against one another. Good sportsmanship as well as the development of individual skills and team play are emphasized.  

Students compete in flag football (boys), field hockey (girls), soccer, ice hockey, basketball, swimming, lacrosse, tennis, baseball/softball, and track and field. Faculty coaches ensure a continuity of instruction and a reinforcement of the School’s core values: effort, sportsmanship, and concern for others. Because every student is required to participate in each sport regardless of experience, innate ability, or size, effort is emphasized over outcome. A summary of the primary objectives of the intramural program follow: ​​

  • Within each sport, athletes are matched to ensure that every participant is challenged but not overwhelmed.
  • Pairings are organized to create a competitive contest between the teams. 
  • Playing time is evenly distributed 
  • Intramural sports downplay specialization. The value of playing a variety of sports is emphasized.
  • Athletes are often asked to contribute in many different roles. Individual strengths and weaknesses are secondary to the experience of challenging oneself. 

The intramural program seeks to achieve a balance between individual skill development and an understanding of the concept of team. Because the intramural program is integrated into the school day, boys have the option to pursue specific sports interests and activities of their own choice after school.

Finally, the intramural program provides the foundation for the Dexter Southfield interscholastic sports program which begins in Class 6.


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