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Classes 6-12 Interscholastic Sports

Dexter Southfield offers a full complement of interscholastic team sports for students in Classes 6-12. Varsity and sub-varsity teams compete against other schools in the Boston area and throughout New England. Classes 6-8 play a middle school schedule in most of the sports offerings of the interscholastic program.


  • If a student has a demonstrated interest in a specialized activity which the school does not offer such as wrestling, track and field, or martial arts, consideration may be given to allow that student to fulfill the athletic requirement of the school through those activities.
  • In Classes 11 and 12, a student may participate in two seasons and choose to use the third semester to take part in community service, assist with intramurals, or pursue other athletic interests. He/She must also keep a journal detailing his activities for the semester.
  • In Classes 6-10, it is recommended that each student participate in three interscholastic sports, one per season.

Varsity Team Guidelines

At the varsity level, the school's goal is to field the most competitive team while preparing athletes for possible collegiate playing opportunities. In accepting a position on a varsity team, the athlete understands that playing time is not guaranteed. A player's performance in practices and games as well as his/her attendance, cooperation, effort, and sportsmanship will all be part of the coach's decisions concerning playing time. Varsity athletes are expected to compete every day, whether in practice or in games. Dexter Southfield athletes are reminded at all times that they represent much more than their school when they wear a Dexter Southfield uniform.

Sub-Varsity Team Guidelines

Sub-varsity teams concentrate on fundamental skill development as well as knowledge of tactics and rules. The goal is to help individuals and teams improve, while providing a framework for personal growth through teamwork and competition at a level commensurate with students’ skill and physical development. Ideally, every player will participate in each game; however, playing time is left to the discretion of the coach. The determining factors are attendance, cooperation with teammates and coaches, sportsmanship, effort, the quality of the opponent, and the competitive situation of the contest.


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