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Breadth and Depth of Our Program

Students study a full spectrum of subjects, finding their passion and diving deep into our program

At Dexter Southfield, students gain both breadth and depth by engaging in a full range of subjects and activities, by finding their passions, and by growing their unique talents in areas they love. Throughout the grades, the program is structured to introduce students to a wealth of new experiences, to build skills in all areas, and to develop a can-do attitude. From the start, everyone does everything, and as students progress, they choose paths according to the directions they want to chart for themselves, continually applying their knowledge and skills as new opportunities arise. As a result, they deeply explore areas that interest them, and they have the enthusiasm, the confidence, and the expertise to try new things for the rest of their lives.

Classical and Innovative Approach

Our program provides a wide range of experience inside and outside the classroom. Calling on a classical tradition of reasoning, a strong base of knowledge, and broadly applicable skills, it teaches critical thinking, teamwork, and innovation. Science, technology, math, and engineering (STEM) are as important to the core curriculum as Latin, reading, and writing. We immerse students of all ages in multiple disciplines and co-curricular activities in order to set them up for success. In this regard, the fact that Dexter Southfield has students in Pre-Kindergarten through Class 12 is a huge advantage: we provide a continuum of academic excellence and growth toward independence.

Building Character

At Dexter Southfield we make a point of acting with integrity and compassion every day. In our classrooms, on our athletic fields, and on our buses, the ethos is the same: students strive, as they say during our weekly assemblies, to the make the world "happier and better for [their] influence" and always to act "as if all the world saw." As a result, Dexter Southfield students are ethical, active leaders who serve others.


One of the first things visitors notice about Dexter Southfield is our warmth. A caring and sincere place, we welcome students and families of all backgrounds, and we pay attention to individual needs when students arrive and as they grow through the School. The strength of our community is upheld in a variety of ways: assemblies, shared meals, school meetings, our unique single-sex program, our buses, and our commitment to diversity. We feel like a family, and we are eager to welcome new members.


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