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Lower School Experience

Learning and Growing Together

In the stable environment of single-sex programs, Dexter Southfield lower school students gain a firm basis in reading, writing, math, science, applied technology, visual and performing arts, social studies, public speaking, athletics, ethics, and health. They learn to communicate, to create, and to help each other. From early days on the Playscape, to intramural athletic games, to assemblies that Class 5 leads, our lower school boys and girls learn the value of doing their best and then doing even better the next day. They thrive in a culture where they are supported and challenged at the same time, and where they expect to learn, grow, lead, and serve.‚Äč

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Lower School Curriculum

The lower school curriculum in Pre-Kindergarten—Class 5 is a homeroom-based program with a focus on building a strong foundation of learning skills and study habits. 

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Lower School Community

One of the first things visitors notice about Dexter Southfield is our warmth. A caring and sincere place, we pay attention to individual needs when students arrive and as they grow through the School.

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Lower School programs

From an early introduction to astronomy in Pre-K to learning about the water cycle and weather in Class 3 and hands-on activities and observations in the Class 5 lab, lower school students are immersed in the STEM fields.

Public Speaking
Public speaking is an integral part of the curriculum at all grade levels of the School. Students have numerous opportunities to speak in front of their class, and annually each class presents a formal program for a larger audience. 

Students learn to appreciate art and feel comfortable creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork using a variety of media and materials. Students also participate in music, theater arts, and shop, with exposure varying through the grades.

In Pre-K - Class 2 athletics, sportsmanship, effort, and participation are emphasized. Students develop fundamental gross and fine motor skills using a variety of age-appropriate activities. Beginning in Class 3, students participate in intramural sports in order to broaden their skills and develop new passions and talents.



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