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Middle School

Exploring Independence

At Dexter Southfield, Classes 6–8 are a time of mindful exploration. As students embrace new freedoms and responsibilities, they are encouraged to take risks, test their limits, and make mistakes. Through this deliberate, thoughtful process, they come to understand that challenges are a part of growth. Cultivating resolve and a mindset of learning in the face of both success and failure, they develop courage, independence, and self-advocacy.

Our students thrive in a curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills across disciplines and subject areas. Supported by devoted faculty mentors who serve as models in the classroom, in the hallways, on the buses, and on the playing fields, students learn to pursue their personal best in every sphere of life.

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Middle School Curriculum

The middle school curriculum allows students to build confidence and versatility. They develop a strong basis of content, cross-disciplinary awareness, and cognitive skills.

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Middle School Community

One of the first things visitors notice about Dexter Southfield is our warmth. A caring and sincere place, we pay attention to individual needs when students arrive and as they grow through the School.

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Middle School programs

The progression of science, technology, engineering, and math classes in the middle school prepares students for both the upper school— where students will tackle more complicated areas of study— as well the world outside of Dexter Southfield.

Public Speaking
Public speaking is an integral part of the curriculum at all grade levels of the school. Students have numerous opportunities to speak in front of their class, and annually each class presents a formal program for a larger audience. 


Students learn to appreciate art and feel comfortable creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork using a variety of media and materials. Students also participate in music, theater arts, and shop, with exposure varying through the grades.

In Pre-K - Class 5 students participate in the intramural sports program, which provides the foundation for interscholastic sports starting in Class 6. Because every student is required to participate in each sport regardless of experience, innate ability, or size, effort is emphasized over outcome.




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