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Dexter Southfield is dedicated to giving young men and women a foundation for excellence. Through time well spent here, they gain the character, confidence, and compassion to become leaders, lifelong learners, and engaged citizens who are prepared to achieve their personal best through every stage of life, from Pre-Kindergarten to college and beyond.

100% of Students are Involved in STEM

From the Playscape — where exploratory play, science, and engineering are fully integrated — to neuroendocrinology, independent study, and off-campus experiences involving programming at Harvard Medical School and NASA research, STEM programs are supported at every grade level.

Life After Dexter Southfield: College Counseling

The program of college counseling is designed to help each student find a suitable match in higher education. To this end, the college counseling office provides both advice and information throughout a process involving a student's self-study, research, application, and final decision. In recent years, our students' areas of study in college include classics, business, bioengineering, animal behavior, computer science, economics, English, Spanish, public health, creative writing, physics, chemistry, and communications.

All Students Participate in Athletics

Our athletics program is an essential medium through which students grow into their best selves. In addition to the well-known physical benefits of regular exercise, children and teenagers enhance learning by staying active. Students in all divisions participate: Kindergarten, Class 1 and Class 2 enjoy a variety of physical education activities; Classes 3-5 learn and play nine sports through the intramural program; and middle and upper school students play interscholastic sports. 

Building Life Skills: Our Public Speaking Program

One of the most valuable skills Dexter Southfield students learn is the ability to speak clearly and confidently in public. The Public Speaking program begins in the Kindergarten and continues through Class 12. In the lower and middle schools, students recite a piece written by the homeroom teacher, with the content and composition increasing in complexity as they grow; in the upper school, students write their own speech with the help of a faculty advisor. This intentional sequence reflects the classical progression from knowledge to logic to rhetoric.

The World Is Our Classroom

Our proximity to Boston allows our students to see the world as their classroom. Whether it's during a trip to the State House, the Museum of Fine Arts, or the Harvard Medical School, our students' eyes are open to endless opportunities to learn.


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