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Our co-ed Hockey Camp provides outstanding hockey instruction in a well-rounded full-day program of sports activities. The program emphasizes the values of sportsmanship and fair play. Every player gets to participate in a daily game, and teams are formed towards the end of the session to compete for the coveted Dexter Cup.

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Dexter hockey camp has been a great experience for my children. The coaches emphasize hard work, teamwork, and respect. They are concerned not only with the development of good players but also on the development of good citizens
Age Groups

Players are divided into groups according to age, size, and ability, enabling coaches to support and challenge every participant appropriately. Each team is assigned two coaches and a counselor.

Every day players will experience the following:

Dynamics of Skating

  1. Campers learn the physics and mechanics of skating.
  2. Campers learn to use all four skate edges in order to concentrate energy and power into every movement.
  3. Skating drills are designed to teach all the skills required to become a well-rounded hockey player.
  4. Exercises are adjusted to meet the skill level of each camper.
Games / Scrimmages

  1. Stop-action with coaches on the ice and bench provides immediate feedback.
  2. Skaters are asked to play every position.
  3. Each player focuses on achieving personal goals, thereby helping the team.
  4. Sportsmanship and respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, and referees is emphasized during the game and throughout the day.
  5. In both games and practices, individual instruction is an integral part of the program.
Off-ice Instruction

  1. Rules, tactics, skills, sport psychology, and nutrition are reviewed by the head coach.
  2. Instruction on conditioning and injury prevention and care is also given.
  3. Topics are adjusted to meet the maturity level of each group.
Melding classic college preparation and traditional character development for boys and girls PK through Class 12.