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The goal of food service at Dexter Southfield is to provide the community with healthy, nutritious luncheons and snacks every day. Menus are developed by dining services and are reviewed and cycled quarterly by a registered dietitian and the School’s health staff to ensure that food served is fresh, delicious, nutritionally sound, and varied while also being responsive to students with special, medically proven, dietary needs. The School strives to fulfill the sometimes competing needs and desires of the various ages and genders of our students as well as address concerns of parents, faculty, and administrators.​

In the lower school, students are served in a family-style environment which permits our teachers to encourage healthy food choices, proper table manners, and conversational skills while being able to monitor younger students with particular needs because of allergies. Middle and upper school lunches are served buffet-style, permitting students to make their own healthy choices from a variety of offerings.
“Lunchtime at Dexter Southfield is a real dining experience. Everyone comes together in a shared space to eat, laugh, talk, and enjoy each other's company. It's more like my meals at home with family than your typical school lunch program. Plus, the food is really good!”     -Class 11 student ​

Dexter Southfield and the dining service share a commitment to sustainability. As much as possible, fresh, locally-sourced foods and vegetables are used in the entrée and dessert offerings. Lunches are prepared on site using these ingredients. In addition, our concern for the environment includes using china and silverware, primarily, and biodegradable service-ware at other times. Our partnership with Save-That-Stuff, Inc. helps to ensure that waste materials are recycled in an efficient and cost effective manner.

In addition to daily entrée items, fresh fruit, yogurts, bread, pasta, vegetarian options, chicken breasts, sliced deli meats, soy bean and sunflower butters, and salad are available every day. ​

Joining us in our concern with food-related allergies, our dining service provides a comprehensive “Allergy Resource Guide” to its staff which details the latest understanding of the eight most common types of food allergies. The health office staff, family physicians, parents, and the dining service work together so that the needs of students who have food allergies are met as practically as possible and so that plentiful choices are available.​

What's for Lunch?

Dexter Southfield's Menu
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Monthly View displays the two main entrees for each day. Clicking on the entrees will bring you to Daily view, which displays all of the day's offerings, including soups, salad specialties, and desserts. Weekly view displays all of the soups, entrees, improvisations, and baked items for each day of the week. To scroll through days, weeks, and months, use the arrows at the top of the page.

At the bottom of each page, under Daily Offerings, you may view the daily staples, such as fruits, yogurts, and cold cuts, as well as beverages and other accompaniments.


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