The Dexter Southfield Fund

The Dexter Southfield Fund supports the School's highest priorities, bridging the gap between tuition and the actual cost of a Dexter Southfield education. In fact, the standard of excellence provided by the School’s program is directly attributable to the collective effort of parents, alumni, and friends who contribute to the Dexter Southfield Fund every year.

Giving matters.
Tuition alone does not cover the cost of a Dexter Southfield education. The remainder is covered by income from endowment and unrestricted gifts to the Dexter Southfield Fund. Every dollar donated to the Dexter Southfield Fund allows the School to reduce its endowment draw, thus preserving resources for the future. Each dollar raised has the purchasing power of $20.00 of endowment.

YOUR participation matters.
Your thoughtful gift signifies affirmation of all that Dexter Southfield means to your family and the role it played or continues to play in your life.

Banks consider alumni and parent participation and philanthropy when evaluating the cost to borrow. Should the School need to borrow funds for important priorities, a higher bond rating can help assure the lowest interest rate and a significant savings on the cost of borrowing.

More than 75% of gifts are between $10 and $1,000. Without that level of consistent support, the School would not meet its needs and languish.

Your support—which includes gifts of every size—makes a direct impact the School's program. Participation motivates and inspires donors to invest in Dexter Southfield.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Ballard
Director of the Dexter Southfield Fund

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