Character and Leadership

Dexter Southfield builds individuals of strong character and action to become leaders in the world.  

We create an environment where all members of the community are valued and supported, and where individuals care for and respect themselves and others.  

Character education and leadership lessons are part of daily practice and are reinforced through the strong mentorship of outstanding faculty, coaches, and staff. We engage our students in their interests and passions. We teach students to think critically, to express opinions, and to listen thoughtfully and respectfully to other perspectives. We promote collaboration and teamwork. 

We underscore the importance of integrity and personal accountability. We value manners and civility and encourage habits that make our School warm and welcoming. We are steadfast in our pursuit of personal best and “Our Best Today, Better Tomorrow.” 

School Declarations

Our School Declarations reinforce our values and are reflected upon during each division's Weekly Assembly. These Declarations bolster our students and our community and keep all striving to pursue their personal best every day.

We stand today with humble hearts. 

We are grateful for gifts and lessons given to us without our deserving or asking, and we hope for strength and inspiration so that those about us today may be a little happier and a little better for our influence. 

We hope to act according to what is right in all the duties and the pleasures of the day and so to find calm when the day is over. 

Let us have clean hands, clean words, and clean thoughts. 

Let us stand for the hard right against the easy wrong. 

Let us avoid habits that harm. 

Let us work as hard and play as fair when we are alone as if all the world saw. 

Let us make amends when we are unkind and forgive those who are unkind to us. 

Let us welcome, include, and learn from others so that our lives may be enriched, and everyone may belong. 

Let us stay ready to help others at some cost to ourselves and take chances to do a little good every day so that we may thrive and make the world a better place.