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View an updated list of NCAA approved Dexter Southfield courses:
NCAA Core Courses 
NCAA High School Code: 220262

NCAA Eligibility Center 
Students interested in playing sports at an NCAA Division I or II school need to register for a Certification Account by the end of their Class 11 year.

Standardized Test Scores and NCAA Initial Eligibility 
As of January 2023, the NCAA is no longer requiring student-athletes to submit standardized test scores to meet initial eligibility requirements.
Student-athletes may still need to take a standardized test for admission to a particular college or university or for an academic scholarship that might complement an athletic grant. Dexter Southfield students work with their college counselor to develop an appropriate testing plan for their specific circumstances.

Sending Test Scores to the NCAA Eligibility Center
Remember to list the NCAA Eligibility Center (code 9999) as a score recipient whenever you register for the SAT or ACT. You can send all of your test scores to the NCAA, and they will choose the best scores from each test section to create your sum score.