About Us

We assist students with:
  • Self-reflection and self-evaluation
  • Research and exploration of post-Dexter Southfield options
  • Standardized test planning
  • Building a college list
  • NCAA athletic recruiting
  • Application strategy and deadline management
  • College visit planning
  • Interview preparation
  • Essay and supplement writing
  • Understanding and applying for financial aid
  • Gap year and PG (Post-Graduate) year options
  • Making a final enrollment decision
When do we start working with students?
Students are assigned a college counselor in Class 9. College counselors meet with students as a group in Classes 9 and 10 respectively to discuss early college planning and standardized testing. Upper school students work closely with his or her college counselor to consult on course selection and rigor.  
In Class 11, students begin the process of researching colleges and universities, which constitutes a major milestone in a young person’s development toward adulthood. Therefore, while the office offers extensive communication, aid in organizing information, and direction in the changing environment of today’s higher education admissions, the primary responsibility for choosing a path after Dexter Southfield lies with the student.
We encourage our students to self-advocate throughout the process. The student is the one who after graduation will join a new community of learners and apply what he or she has learned to make positive academic and social contributions. By attending to students’ needs during their time at Dexter Southfield, and by anticipating many of the challenges that lie before them, the College Counseling Office extends the broad and deep foundation laid by the School. From here, Dexter Southfield students continue to do their "best today, better tomorrow."