Lower School (PreK-Class 5)

I believe in Dexter Southfield's strong foundational program and in our commitment that basics matter and that character matters. I love that we truly believe that being a good person when no one is looking is hugely important. Dr. Marlena Alex
Head of Lower School 

Learning the Fundamentals

Our Lower School is a warm, welcoming, and joyful environment where students develop a love for learning through exposure to a range of academic subjects, while enjoying a campus and classroom experience rich with discovery.
They forge friendships, learn the value in trying, and begin to understand what it means to be part of a team—be it through one of our nine sports or exposure to experiential learning. Guidance from exceptional faculty helps students build fundamental skills while growing the confidence and habits of mind that will serve as the foundation for their future, both in school and in the larger world. In addition to our core curriculum, students engage in a rotation of daily specials and develop into confident communicators through our public speaking program. Lower school students benefit from an intentional single-sex structure tailored to each child's strengths, learning styles, and cognitive development.

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Lower School Specials

Public Speaking

An essential part of the Dexter Southfield experience, the Public Speaking program is designed to build character, confidence, and leadership.

Throughout their time in Lower School, students practice speaking in front of groups in different settings. Our youngest students begin by participating in a puppet show, presented to parents. As they progress, they deliver memorized prose of varying lengths. In addition to mastering the art of standing on stage with confidence, students also learn how to be good audience members. 

Weekly Assembly

A Longstanding Tradition

Assemblies provide another platform for students to develop as excellent communicators. 

Performance Opportunities

Hands-on Engagement

A primary goal of music class for our youngest students is to help them discover that participation in song and dance activities is enriching and enjoyable.

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Classes 6-8 | Transition

Middle School students take risks, build greater self-confidence and independence, and learn how they learn best.