Middle School (Classes 6-8)

Exploring Independence

Classes 6-8 are a time of mindful exploration. As students embrace new freedoms and responsibilities, they are encouraged to take risks, test their limits, and make mistakes.
Through this deliberate, thoughtful process, they come to understand that challenges are a part of growth. Cultivating resolve and a mindset of learning in the face of both success and failure, students develop courage, independence, and self-advocacy.
In our Middle School, students receive the benefits of a single-sex environment in their academic experience and advisory program while immersing themselves in co-ed creative, leadership, and extracurricular offerings. 

We are here to serve children, and we are here to serve their families. We think about the whole child. One of the ways we do that is by allowing children to try so many different things. We don't put them in a box. Instead, we expect them to challenge themselves.Todd Fawcett
Head of the Middle School

Explore the Middle School Curriculum

Public Speaking

An essential part of the Dexter Southfield experience, the Public Speaking program is designed to build character, confidence, and leadership.

Students meet weekly to practice the fundamentals of public speaking: learning correct posture and stance, the need to speak slowly and eloquently, and the difference between a formal speaking voice and an informal voice. Regular review and repetition build students’ confidence in speaking in front of others—a skill that will serve them well throughout their lives. The annual experience culminates with a public speaking event in front of peers and family. 

Explore the Arts

There are numerous academic and co-curricular opportunities for students to express themselves in the visual and performing arts.

Explore Athletics

There is an unmistakable sense of pride that is felt when our student-athletes pull on the shield. 

Explore Student Life

Learn more about student clubs, Weekly Assembly, community service opportunities, and more.