Applying for Financial Aid

Dexter Southfield’s financial aid program provides need-based financial aid to accepted students who, without such assistance, would be unable to attend.

It is expected that every family assume some portion of the cost of their child’s education and provide for discretionary expenses relating to athletic supplies, photographs, laptop computers, and book fair charges.  

Families must apply annually for financial aid directly through Clarity website. 

Step 1: Notify the School

Dexter Southfield encourages all families who might need financial aid to indicate this on their application for admission. As you complete your family information portion of the online application please select “yes” when asked this question. Families selecting “yes” will need to complete a separate financial aid application which can be found on Clarity website.  

Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid Online The deadline for completing the application is January 17, 2024 for non-Dexter Southfield families and November 17, 2023 for current Dexter Southfield families. All required documents should be uploaded directly to the Clarity website. The Admissions Office cannot fax or upload on behalf of the applicant. 

In order to be considered for need-based financial aid, parents of currently enrolled students and parents of students applying to Dexter Southfield must complete financial aid application as soon as possible but no later than January 17, 2024. It is important that the financial aid application be filled out completely and that any explanations necessary are given as there is ample room to do so. The information received is supplemented and verified by information contained on the required federal income tax returns.

The financial aid application is completed by going online and creating an account through Clarity. If you are returning family who applied for Financial aid in previous years, you must create an account and reapply through Clarity. If you are a first time applicant, click on “Sign up”.

Please follow the directions carefully and provide as much detailed information as possible. There is room for additional information throughout the application.

Please note only one application per household is necessary. Parents that are divorced or separated must each submit application through Clarity.



Families are expected to adhere to the following deadlines. 
January 17: Submit Financial Aid Application through Clarity
The PFS is completed by going online. If divorced or separated and filing separate tax returns, each parent must submit a separate application.

February 15: Deadline for Tax Returns and other documents
Required documents include:
  • Completed and signed 2021 and 2022 Business Federal Tax returns, if applicable.
  • Recent mortgage statements on ALL owned properties
  • Tuition statement for additional children at tuition-paying institutions. 
March 10
The Financial Aid Committee will communicate financial aid decisions to new families receiving an award.

April 10
On or before this date, new families must notify Dexter Southfield of their decision to accept by completing the enrollment agreement and paying a deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions