Visual Arts

The visual arts program teaches students how to strengthen personal expression, visual literacy, and disciplined craftsmanship through the study of the foundational elements of art.

From a young age, students learn the value of experimentation, and they try a wide range of materials and methods. Drawing is emphasized at every grade level, and dedicated 3D art classes begin in Class 5 to expand upon content introduced in earlier survey courses. In the Middle School and the Upper School, students have additional opportunities to pursue their emerging interests with a range of electives and extracurricular options. Students share their artwork with the broader school community through rotating hallway displays and gallery exhibitions, and older students have chances to gain exposure through school publications and juried art shows. Our goal is to develop the crucial skills and habits of mind that help our students become empathetic, articulate, and curious visual communicators.

The art studio is a place where our students reflect on their world with an open mind and a fresh vision. They're using different kinds of tools to communicate their ideas as they learn to appreciate the significance of sharing their point of view with others through art. Julia Lothrop 
Art Department Faculty

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Programs & Awards:

Spring 2021 SISAL Award Winners

Christina Oates (Class 12): 1st Place, Fiber, That’s Heinous!

Christina Oates (Class 12): 1st Place, Painting, The Sickening

Averie Stuart (Class 8): 2nd Place, Mixed Media, Paper Quilling

Hayoung Eum (Class 9): 1st Place, Drawing, Glass Still Life

Pierce McCormack (Class 7): 1st Place, Printmaking, Elephant

Averie Stuart (Class 8): 2nd Place, Drawing, Self Portrait

Margaret Thompson (Class 11): 2nd Place, Sculpture, Web

Online Art Gallery

Our online gallery features a sampling of select student artwork from all three divisions and includes photography, watercolor, drawing, sculpture, and other mediums. 

The Drumlin

Explore Dexter Southfield's literary arts magazine, which includes poetry, artwork, photography, and fiction.