The Squash Center

Squash is a fantastic sport to play, whether at the recreational or high-performance level. Students of the game develop hand-eye coordination skills and athleticism that parlays well with many other sports and the very nature of the game generates character-building, competitiveness, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. Forbes has named squash the number one healthiest sport in the world, and it is now one of the fastest growing collegiate sports, played at more 200 colleges and universities in the United States. Dan Roberts, Squash Program Director

The Center

The Dexter Southfield Squash Center, opened in the fall fo 2021, houses six state-of-the-art ASB international singles courts, with an optimal layout for team matches, group training, spectating, and hosting events. The Center utilizes US Squash’s Club Locker Venue system with iPads and scoreboard monitors located above each court, as well as two central venue TVs. A ball machine is available for use for players to hone their skills and work on specific shots.

For those new to the sport, Squash Equipment | US Squash is a link to what students will need before getting on the court. The School has limited equipment that players can use until they purchase their own. 

The Program

During the winter season, all three divisions of the School have access to squash, with the goal of building lifelong skills, appreciation, and enjoyment of the sport. In the lower school sports rotations, Classes 3-5 learn how to play the game, incorporating fundamentals of technique, ball control, movement, and strategy, all put into practice through fun games and exercises. Middle school students who elect to play squash implement a more challenging framework of squash-specific practices, with a greater focus on technical development, coordinated shot sequences, and structured games. Upper school squash builds on the above concepts while integrating advanced versions of drills, conditioned games, and match analysis. Injury prevention and strength and conditioning also play a key part in training to meet the greater physical demands of the game.  

The Junior Club

  • The Junior Club at Dexter Southfield runs on weekdays after school and on weekends, featuring a range of programing that caters to aspiring young players of all ages and abilities. 
  • Professional coaching is also available through lessons, group clinics, or structured match play sessions. Lessons are offered on a private or semi-private basis, and group training is organized by levels, from beginners to advanced players.
  • Please reach out to Dan Roberts for the current coaching schedule, pricing, and availability. 

Meet the Program Director

Dan brings incredible expertise, professionalism, and enthusiasm to Dexter Southfield, and we are thrilled to have him on our team. Dan joined us from the Union Boat Club, where he was the Director of Squash, having previously been a member of the pro team at the University Club. He has achieved professional success as a highly rated player and coach and has developed multiple junior players to top 10 USA rankings and National Championships. Dan has also coached at the national level, having worked with the US Squash Academy and Team USA in international competitions. Dan is excited to share his experience with our students and elevate the sport of squash at Dexter Southfield.

Contact Dan

Upcoming Programming

Explore the programs below and please reach out to Dan Roberts for more information on how to become involved.