Weekly Assembly

Once per week, all students in Classes 1-12 participate in Assembly, a longstanding Dexter Southfield tradition that brings together the community by division. Assemblies provide another platform for students to develop as excellent communicators. 

The Assemblies for the Lower School and Middle School are held as single-sex events. Students sing songs and hear the School Declarations, and students in Classes 5 and 8 serve as readers of meaningful selections. At each Assembly, a Class 12 student presents a speech on character, current events, or personal reflection. On special occasions during the year, families are invited to campus for Assembly, where students will share seasonal readings, songs, and performances. 

In the Upper School, Assembly is coed, and each week students hear from a Class 12 student who delivers his or her capstone senior speech. Similar to the Assemblies for younger students, the program includes songs, readings, and the School Declarations – all opportunities for students to engage in additional public speaking opportunities.