The Alumni Challenge is Back for a Second Year
December 17-31, 2020

Every student has that one teacher who has helped in achieving a goal, learning a new skill, or shining on the field or stage. Do you remember that moment or person? This year we challenge all alumni to make a gift to Dexter Southfield in honor of a faculty member who had that same impact on your Dexter Southfield experience. Each gift made during the Alumni Challenge will immediately impact the students and faculty at Dexter Southfield. If we reach 200 donors by December 31, an anonymous donor will give $5,000 to the Dexter Southfield Fund. 

“My seventh grade homeroom teacher had the biggest influence on my Dexter Southfield journey. He worked with me every day to improve my grades and, with confidence in my academics, I was able to focus on making friends. He gave me my voice at Dexter Southfield, and I finally felt like I was where I was supposed to be." Rishi, Class 12

Make Your Alumni Challenge Gift